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Condominium ownership is a new lifestyle for many people. Talltree South owners form the Fairfax Heritage X Condominium Association, also known as Talltree South. Talltree South was built in 1964 as a rental community and was converted to a condominium association in 1977.

In a condominium, each unit owner holds title in the same manner as an owner of a single-family home. Each owner must pay whatever property taxes are assessed against the unit. Each owner is also responsible for the maintenance within his or her unit.

At the same time, each owner has an ownership interest in the common areas, such as land, roof, stairwells, parking lots, and utility systems. All owners pay monthly assessments, which in turn pay for the common utilities, such as heat, and the maintenance of the common elements. The monthly assessment for your unit is determined by the actual square footage of your unit, in conjunction with the annual budget adopted each year.

The interior of your unit is your responsibility to maintain. This includes plumbing, heating, and air conditioning systems in or outside your unit that serve just your unit. You also need to take care of your balcony or patio and your screen door. You are prohibited from doing anything inside or outside your unit that will change the exterior appearance of the building. Please take the time to read the rules and regulations included in this book for your information.
Talltree South, like other condominium communities, funds its operations through the condo fees ("assessments") you pay.  These condo fees pay for utilities such as gas for heat and cooking (our largest expense), the water you use, and common electricity as well as maintenance of the roofs, snow removal and grounds maintenance, trash removal, etc. These expenses are reflected in an annual budget, which essentially determines the amount of condo fees charged.
This section includes Talltree South forms and procedures for common situations.
A number of the owners at Talltree South have decided to rent their units. This section highlights a few of the responsibilities of landlords and tenants.
Important terms to know that deal with the parts of the condominium complex that are outside your unit are "common elements" or "limited common elements".  "Limited common elements" are things like balconies and patios, that are used only by the owners and tenants of a single unit. "Common elements" are used by all, such as the parking lots, playground, and pool.
It is very important to prevent fires, particularly in multi-family residential buildings.  Fires do happen.
Talltree South has great amenities, including free parking, a sparkling swimming pool, a playground, laundry facilities in each building, dog walking areas, and trash disposal.

Things You Should Know

In Legal

If payment is not received by the Managing Agent (Cardinal Management Group) within 45 days after the due date, legal action will be initiated.

Your account will be sent to the law firm. Remaining installments of the annual assessment will be accelerated, and action to collect fees owed will be undertaken, which may include filing a lien or suit to collect all sums due to the Association, including delinquent assessments, late charges, administrative fees, costs, and reasonable attorney's fees. At this point, you will be dealing with the law firm rather than the Managing Agent. Please don't make us send you to legal!

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