Prior to installation of any antenna or satellite dish, unit owners must submit a written application to the Board of Directors. A form is available from the on-site office. The Board of Directors will review the application within 45 days and will provide a written answer to the unit owner. In most cases, the Board will provide the answer within 7 days. If the unit owner installs the dish or antenna without permission, he or she bears all risk and may be required to remove the antenna.

Antennas include satellite dishes (direct broadcast satellite dishes - DBS, or multipoint distribution service - MDS antennas) that are one meter (39 inches) or less in diameter. Regular TV antennas designed to receive broadcast stations are also allowed. Owners may not install any type of antenna which transmits a signal of any type or disrupts the reception of the radios or television sets of neighbors. Owners may install only one antenna for each type of service.

The antennas or satellite dishes must be installed in one of three locations: (1) inside a window within the unit, (2) on the patio surface, or (3) on the balcony deck surface. If the owner can receive acceptable quality signal by placing the antenna inside the unit, then the owner should install it inside the unit. Antennas or dishes may not be installed on the common elements of the Association. The Association will disapprove any installation which requires penetration through the exterior of the building or window.

Antennas must comply with all applicable building codes and industry standards, must not be placed anywhere near power lines, and shall be permanently grounded. They also must not obstruct access to or exit from any unit or walkway.

Antennas must be unobtrusive. The Association may require owners to paint any portion of the antenna so that it matches the structure to which it is attached, or to provide screening if it is visible from the street or from other units.

Owners are responsible for all costs associated with the placement, maintenance, and removal of antennas, including repair of any damage. If antennas become detached, owners must repair the detachment or remove the antenna within 72 hours. The Association may remove the antenna at the expense of the owner if it threatens safety.

Tenants wishing to install an antenna must obtain prior written permission from the owner and include a copy with the application to the Association.

Things You Should Know

Annual Meeting

The Annual Meeting of Talltree South is held in October. It is very important that ALL owners attend, in person or by submitting their proxy form, so that a quorum is present. Even owners living offsite should attend or submit their proxy. If a quorum is not present, the association may be forced to reconvene, costing YOU additional money for mailings, meeting expenses, etc. In addition, this is your opportunity to make sure that your community is well managed. Tenants are also welcome, although only owners may vote.
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